The Nob Hill Mariners - Black Rain

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The Nob Hill Mariners is a collaboration between singer/songwriter/musician Christopher “Preacher Boy” Watkins and the poet Robert Lavett Smith. The titles, words, and themes are largely Smith’s, refactored to become songs in Watkins’ hands. The result is something raw, beautiful, and unique. 

“Black Rain” is for every listener who digs everyone from the MC5, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, and The Sonics, to early Kinks, the Count Five, and Patti Smith. Imagine Motorhead performing Simic, The Ramones doing Dickinson, or Joan Jett delivering Rilke, and you get a sense of The Nob Hill Mariners’ sound. 8 songs, and not one over 3 minutes.

Short Houses With Wide Porches

Available once again! The debut volume of poetry from Christopher "Preacher Boy" Watkins.

The book was originally published in 2008 by Shady Lane Press (publishing arm for the Jack Kerouac Writer-In-Residence program), and we are now pleased to offer an extremely limited number of this rare offering.

"Send a blues traveler down to live in Jack Kerouac s house in Florida, let him compose on his 28 Underwood and tack dithyrambic hymns to the wall while Monk and Parker hold court, invite Bessie Smith, Han-Shan, and William Matthews in at the end of the day, imagine discourse-sparks and music-flares rising into the tinderbox night, and then imagine that those mad laments and ecstatic songs are coming from one voice, and that voice is talking to you quietly and thoughtfully, and all that superabundant life has been channeled into the fine excess of his music. The poems of Christopher Watkins are astonishing."
—Ted Deppe, author of 
Children of the Air(Alice James Books), The Wanderer King (Alice James) and Cape Clear: New and Selected Poems (Salmon Books, Ireland).

"In the poems of this debut collection, Christopher Watkins carries on the tradition of the man in whose house many of them were written, stalking the moment and playing it out like a musician on three vintage typewriters, always attuned to the clear vibration that sounds unmistakably when craft accompanies spontaneity. Here are poems both tender and wild, moist as rotting leaves,/ dank as garbage,/ ripe with life."
—Jeffrey Harrison, (author of four full-length books of poetry, including 
The Singing Underneath

"The poems of Christopher Watkins are, at once, tender, shrewdly observed and enormously vital. This is a first collection that has the stamp of authenticity, of life fully lived and fully written."
—Baron Wormser (former Poet Laureate of Maine)